Friday, 19 May 2017

Coal trick: Ex-coal secretary HC Gupta sentenced

Uncommon CBI Judge Bharat Parashar likewise indicted the coal service's then joint secretary K S Kropha and after that chief K C Samaria other than others for the situation relating to affirmed anomalies in assignment of Thesgora-B Rudrapuri coal hinder in Madhya Pradesh to KSSPL.

Kropha was the then joint secretary in the Ministry of Coal, while Samria was the then executive (coal distribution I) in the service.

Amid the hearing, the CBI had charged that the application recorded by KSSPL for the coal piece was inadequate and should be dismisses by the service as it was not as per the rules issued.

The CBI had charged that the firm had distorted its total assets and existing limit, including that state government had additionally not suggested the firm for the designation of any coal piece.

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